About us


Welcome to QvikMart.com, here we believe in providing the most interesting quality products for a competitive price. Our customers are our most important link in our business, and therefore are we always doing our best to provide our customers the best service and support. We strive to always find the most interesting quality products that have a price competitive edge and add it to our portfolio.

Our principles are:

  • Quality products
  • Best customer service
  • Competitive prices


Our team

Our team is located in Shenzhen, China and Sweden. By being close to our suppliers/manufacturers gives us the opportunity to find the most interesting quality products, have a better control of the supply/quality control and thus bring value to our customers.

Billing Address

(Not for product returns) Tradecore Ltd (reg nr: 1298549) address at Office Unit 9B, Amtel Building, 148 Deus Voeux Road Central Hong Kong.