Warranty Policy

We guarantee that the goods you receive are free from defects upon delivery. Should you receive damaged goods, please contact us and describe in detail what the error is. The warranty period of specific a product category is stated in the table below and valid from the day you receive the product.

If your product is a branded electrical device and you request for technical service and support, you should contact the manufacturer of the product directly in accordance with the terms and conditions of any warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Information regarding technical service and support is generally included in the materials shipped with the products or is available through the products web page.

Product maintenance and free spare parts for equipment failure caused by manufacturer is available during warranty period. However you are responsible for the shipping costs back and forth (in many cases to China). Single spare parts can often be purchased, please email us the pare part you need and we will help you with information and pricing.


QvikMart Warranty Period

Manufacturer Warranty Period

Consumer Electronics

2 months

Normally 12 months

Phones and tablets

3 months

Normally 12 months


3 months

Normally 12 months

Please note, damage caused by yourself or by the postal delivery service will not be included in the warranty. It is therefore important that you verify that the product is functional upon arrival. Many times, damaged product is caused by the delivery service rather than us.